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EchoKids is an innovative music education company for kids 0-18 years mentored by collegiate musicians. Our music curriculum focuses on the 3C's: Communication, Confidence and Creativity.

Our mentors are college students passionate in sharing their love for music, knowing its strong power to better children's lives. We strive to bring the most exciting and affordable music experience for children.

Our teaching method is simply based on the fact that if they *want* to play music, they will *want* to learn.

All of our lessons are offered in-person and online.

Lessons with Membership

From hundreds of mentors to choose from and exclusive lessons to added values, you get so much more with your membership than a traditional private lesson experience.
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More than Music

We grow kids and their 3C's through music education: Communication, Confidence and Creativity skills

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Change scheduling and mentors with ease as your child grows or changes interest on instrument(s)

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Always with you

Meet mentors around the world, with various experiences and specialties no matter what changes in your life.

Plans and Pricing

3 Options: Gold (Monthly), Gold (Annually), and Platinum
Gold Membership Note

Gold Member


per month, billed annually
or $13.99 month-to-month
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Membership does not include lessons but does include:
  • 7 Day Trial
  • Trial Online Private Lesson
  • 1st EchoKids Workbook
  • Biweekly Group Lessons
  • Access to all our Online Courses
  • Virtual Recital (Twice/Year)
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Platinum Membership Note

Platinum Member


per month, billed annually
Saves 11% on every lesson
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Membership does include up to 52 lessons** and:
  • 7 Day Trial
  • Trial Online Private Lesson
  • 1st EchoKids Workbook
  • Biweekly Group Lessons
  • Access to all our Online Courses
  • Virtual Recital (Twice/Year)
  • Custom song produced for your child
    Click here to hear some we made!
*Price varies on duration of lessons. This is the price for 1 year of 30 min lessons. 1 year of 45 Min lessons is $115.99/month. 1 year of 60 Min lessons is $147.99/month and 1 year of 90 Min lessons is $214.99/month.
**Up to 52 Lessons
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Lesson Prices

Applies for all instruments and levels
with the GOLD membership (Platinum includes lessons)
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  • 30 Minutes: $19.5
  • 45 Minutes: $27.75
  • 60 Minutes: $36
  • 90 Minutes: $52.50
Pay as you go! We'll charge for lessons after you have them with your card on file.
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Membership Comparison

In-person lessons are only available in: Boston, Cambridge, NYC and Miami for +$10/lesson
We still highly recommend online private lessons even in these cities as they're more flexible.

How it Works

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Choose a Plan

Gold (Monthly), Gold (Annually) or Platinum?
Become a member to unlock engaging music education for your child(ren)!

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Trial Lesson

Sign up for a trial with a mentor of your choice. Worried your child won't like online lessons? Trust us, they will with EchoKids!

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Begin Lessons

No matter what membership you choose, lesson payments will become the last of your worries - so click here to start!

What do EchoKids parents say?

See what Hugo's dad has to say about his son's experience as an EchoKids student!

Happy Parents and Students!

Father of 7 year old
“Our son’s piano teacher happened to be the last person in our house right before we started social distancing, and as she left we were sad that he probably wouldn’t be able to keep learning. But the combination of FaceTime and some extra custom material she prepared has made virtual lessons surprisingly effective and fun. And since we are both always home we now get to listen in!”
Mother of 5 year old
“We can't go outside much during this difficult time so she practices more and loves the online piano lessons. We're so happy and proud of her progress!”
Mother of 5 year old
"Finding EchoKids has definitely been a stroke of luck for us, especially in these times of lockdown. It was easy to schedule, find a tutor who is great at what she does and is also extremely patient with a restless 5yr old. We highly recommend them to any parents who want their children to start on their musical journey."
Mother of 6 Year Old
"Even online EchoKids has been an engaging, creative, structured experience for my daughter. I appreciated the instructors suggestion to divide our lesson into two shorter lessons. That helped with providing more continuity of contact. It seems like my daughter has progressed much more than even the in-person lessons."
Father of 6 Year Old
"EchoKids has found fun and creative ways to incorporate our son’s interests in learning about music and the piano."
Father of 3 Year Old
"Our mentor has been absolutely wonderful. It's really nice to see my son learning new musical skills every week and also learning to sit still and listen to Joyce's instructions.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EchoKids?

We're an innovative music education company for kids 0-18 years old mentored by college students. You can read more about us here!

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

Yes! It is 30 minutes and is used to find out if both the mentor and family are compatible. Sign up here for your first free lesson!

Do you have a curriculum?

Yes - our original workbooks encourage our students' growth of their 3C's (Communication, Confidence and Creativity skills) as they learn with engaging pages filled with colors and drawings! Did we mention the 1st book's on us, and it comes with stickers?

What instruments are available?

We offer Bass, Cello, Clarinet, Drum Set, Flute, Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Violin, and Voice. View the full list and their mentors here.

Are there any age restrictions?

No - our focused age group is 0-18 years old, but we welcome all ages as long as the learning age is under 3 years on an instrument.

Is my child too young to start private lessons?

A child is never too young for private lessons because we believe music is a language. Children under 3 years old will receive a lesson similar to that of a group lesson.