The EchoKids Method

The EchoKids Method

A circle representing Echokids' emphasis on developing communication, creativity, and confidence  through music education

Our original curriculum supports the growth of a child's confidence, creativity, and communication skills.

At EchoKids, we balance use of traditional music competencies such as music theory and performance skills to reinforce non-traditional elements like exploring children's interests through writing original music and building communication skills through game play.

The Curriculum levels below are supplemented by recital performances, writing and recording original songs, and creative exploration!

EchoKids Private Lesson Workbooks

Workbooks are intended for 6 months to 1 year of use with private lessons.
Lessons for all instruments are available! More workbooks coming soon.

All Levels have: 

Ear Training

Music Notation

Music Theory


Level 1: Primary
(for All Instruments)

View the Level 1 Syllabus

• Identifying instruments (Pictures and Sound)
• Solfege / Alphabetical Music Scale
• Basic Rhythm Notes/Rests’ Names and Values
• Basic Dynamics
• Basic Music Notation
• Meeting the Piano and its sounds
• Introduction to Staff Reading (colors and shapes)

View the Level 1 Repertoire

• Mary Had a Little Lamb
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

and more downloadable scores!

Level 2: Beginners

View the Level 2 Syllabus

• Understanding the Piano
• Hand and Body Position
• Circle of Fifths
• Beginner Rhythm Notes/Rests’ Names and Values
• Accidentals (Sharps, Flats and Naturals)
• Beginner Solfege / Alphabetical Music Scale
• Scales
• Reading notes with colors
• C and G Major Scales
• A and E Minor Scales

View the Level 2 Repertoire

• Old McDonald
• Rock a bye Baby
• Baa Baa Black Sheep
• Wheels on the Bus

and more downloadable scores!

Level 3: Intermediate

View the Level 3 Syllabus

• Solfege Hands
• Identifying Intervals
• Arpeggios
• Playing and Reading Both Hands
• Intermediate music notations
• Reading Key Signatures
• A, E, F, Bb Major Scales
• F#, C#, D, G Minor Scales
• Contrary and Parallel Motion
• Reading notes with colors
• Chords

View the Level 3 Repertoire

• The Shark Family
• Answer the Door!
• My Pony
• Hello Song
• Minuet in G
• This Little Light of Mine

and more downloadable scores!

Level 4: Advanced

View the Level 4 Syllabus

• Performance Techniques
• Advanced Note Reading (Colored and B&W)
• Tempo
• Sight Reading
• Minor Solfege
• Reading and Writing Lead Sheets
• Composing
• Advanced Time Signatures
• Advanced Music Notations
• Major and minor triads
• B, Eb, Ab Major Scales
• G#, C, F Minor Scales

View the Level 4 Repertoire

• Snake Charmer
• Somewhere Over the Rainbow
• Row, row, row your Boat
• At the Fair
• Sonatina in C
• Sonatina in G

and more downloadable scores!

Level 5: Masters

View the Level 5 Syllabus

• Playing in various ranges
• Master Performance Techniques
• Syncopation
• Accompaniment
• Masters Rhythm
• Explore Different Genres of Music
• Masters Music Notation
• Improvisation
• Music Analysis
• Chromaticism
• Modulation
• 7th Chords
• F# and C# Major Scales
• Bb and Db Minor Scales

View the Level 5 Repertoire

• Prelude in C Major
• Take me out to the Ball Game Lead Sheet
• Duet: Land, Water and Sky
• Entertainer

and more downloadable scores!

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