Chris Galeone

Age: 18

Languages Spoken: English

School: Berklee College of Music

Instrument: Trumpet

Growing up in Sarasota Florida is where Chris began his love and pursuit of music. Chris started trumpet in the 5th grade as a family traditional instrument and fell in love with it after playing for 2 years once one teacher helped Chris find his destiny of creating his own music and performing it. Now Chris is a Pro Music Major studying Performance,SongWriting, Recording and Production and Video game Scoring.


Since then, Chris used his love of music as Drum Major for his high schools marching band for 3 years to help energize and inspire his band to always play it its best with his very social loving personality. He also has wrote music for his marching band to perform at football games to create more energy through his band, the football crowd and of course the team. Chris earned a Superior with Distinction performing the third movement of the Hummel allowing him to perform at States and scored another Superior with Distinction at States. He also was Principle Trumpet in the Sarasota Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Chris joined his High schools choir halfway through junior year and developed a love of singing and lyric writing because he has a hard time settling for one specific thing so he bounces around falling in love with all areas of music and all styles. 


Chris loves all music from Atonal chanting before tonality was structured all the way to current pop hits and every genre and time period in-between. He also sees people in the sense as in he loves meeting all kinds of people no matter who they are or how they express them selfs or even interpret the world. Chris looks for deep connections from all people and especially students and uses music as a form of finding a deeper meaning in life, expression and happiness.

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