Community Lessons

In-Person Lesson Pods and Online Group Lessons

Pods available in-person in Boston and NYC

EchoKids is now offering in-person pods for neighborhood communities and online group lessons for all students! Both are great ways to help kids socialize through music in a nurturing, learning environment.

In-person lessons are available to communities that have space for social distancing with families that already know each other. We also offer online pods for parents that are looking for group Zoom music lessons for their children! Click here to read more about our pods.

In-Person Pods

Parents create their own pod groups with other families that they know well, usually neighbors or close friends. Everyone in the pod is accountable to each other with following appropriate health and safety protocols. The families in the pod will also have access to an area that is large enough to hold everyone while maintaining social distancing. We have seen everything from a large room in a house, a backyard, or a roof deck!

Pods usually begin with a one-off event with EchoKids, like a Halloween Music Party, for example. These consist of 4-10 children (usually 1-3 years old) and their parents and/or nannies. The event lasts for 30 minutes and includes sing-alongs, performances, and music games! Children learn about the fundamentals of music while singing along to all of their favorite songs. The weekly creative and musical fun brings a smile to both parents and children, and we look forward to them every week.

EchoKids also provides gift bags for each child with a shaker, scarf, and more items for performing and dancing along to the music. These bags are individually wrapped for children in a sanitized environment. This means no one has to share their instruments!

Online Group Lessons

Online Group Lessons are held over Zoom and are for 4 to 10 students. These lessons are held as weekly classes for 2-month long "seasons". We combine education and entertainment, with an emphasis on getting children to participate and socialize. For young children, such as babies and toddlers, the goal is to expose them to different sounds, songs, and concepts. Over time, even babies learn to respond to musical cues!

What do EchoKids Pod parents say?

“The EchoKids team provides a really wonderful environment for kids to learn and experience music. The team provides great little goodie bags to start - shakers, music cards, etc. - and continues to customize each week to the level of the kids. From getting them interested and moving with Baby Shark to teaching them through educational songs, the teachers stay one step ahead. They also bring instruments like a keyboard on some weeks. I really enjoy working with the team and believe the classes are a wonderful value!”
- Chelsea, Parent
“I had such a wonderful experience with this pod to provide a fun and creative space for the kids. Something amazing that happens when we make music together is how we boost our spirit and energy week by week. As a mentor, it is truly, extremely rewarding for me to see my students learn and explore new things in music; navigating the keys of the piano, seeing and playing the violin, and even learn how to conduct with rhythm!”
- Joyce, Mentor

The "Secret Sauce"

A quarter note overlaid on a cartoon apple

One of the qualities that makes EchoKids truly unique is our mentor system. Rather than simply teach, our mentors encourage growth in communication skills, creativity, and confidence. We play, we sing, we perform, and we grow.


Happy Parents and Students!

Father of 7 year old
“Our son’s piano teacher happened to be the last person in our house right before we started social distancing, and as she left we were sad that he probably wouldn’t be able to keep learning. But the combination of FaceTime and some extra custom material she prepared has made virtual lessons surprisingly effective and fun. And since we are both always home we now get to listen in!”
Mother of 5 year old
“We can't go outside much during this difficult time so she practices more and loves the online piano lessons. We're so happy and proud of her progress!”
Mother of 5 year old
"Finding EchoKids has definitely been a stroke of luck for us, especially in these times of lockdown. It was easy to schedule, find a tutor who is great at what she does and is also extremely patient with a restless 5yr old. We highly recommend them to any parents who want their children to start on their musical journey."
Mother of 6 Year Old
"Even online EchoKids has been an engaging, creative, structured experience for my daughter. I appreciated the instructors suggestion to divide our lesson into two shorter lessons. That helped with providing more continuity of contact. It seems like my daughter has progressed much more than even the in-person lessons."
Father of 6 Year Old
"EchoKids has found fun and creative ways to incorporate our son’s interests in learning about music and the piano."
Father of 3 Year Old
"Our mentor has been absolutely wonderful. It's really nice to see my son learning new musical skills every week and also learning to sit still and listen to Joyce's instructions.”
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