Music Adventures!

A one month adventure into music!

Over the course of four 30-minute lessons, your child will learn the fundamentals of music, learn an original EchoKids song, and record that song!

One Month Music Adventure
Four 30-minute lessons and one recording!
Depending on your child's music experience, you can start at Level 1 (recording an EchoKids original song) or jump to Level 2 (writing and recording your child's own original song)!
Double Music Adventure
Do both music adventures back to back!
Save $25 when you sign up for a two-month back to back music adventure!

Learn the basics with Level 1 and then immediately move on to songwriting with Level 2!

Hear some of our original music!

Written by EchoKids mentors for our Music Adventure classes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EchoKids?

We believe music is the most important tool in a child's development. That's why we gather passionate, qualified collegiate level mentors to provide the most affordable and engaging private music lessons. More than 90% of kids who begin private music lessons quit within their first 2 years because the teacher is a much older expert, making the class boring for kids.​

So we took a Buddhist teaching, Shoshin (the beginner's mind), and related it to music lessons. Having collegiate students as mentors creates a relaxed, welcoming community for all while teaching in the most efficient way. We teach music as vegetables and have students PLAY their instrument and create incentives to complete tasks such as stickers, toys, and other simple rewards.

We strongly believe music learning is for all, and nobody should be discouraged from entering something so powerful and personal for any reason. Music creates an inclusive community, as music is the universal language.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

Yes! It is 30 minutes and is used to find out if both the mentor and family are compatible. Sign up here for your first free lesson!

What kind of lessons do you offer?

We offer private music lessons (30 minute or 60 minute lessons) for the following instruments: Bass, Clarinet, Drum Set, Flute,Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Violin, and Voice. Each lesson follows a road map of what should be covered within 6 months, designed by students from the Music Education department from Berklee College of Music. In order to be certain each student grows as a musician, we provide this basic program for mentors to follow; keeping the parents, the students, and the mentors on track of what each lesson should cover.

Are there any age restrictions?

No - our focused age group is 0-18 years old, but we welcome all ages as long as the learning age is under 3 years on an instrument.