These instructions will teach you how to make your own drum kit! This is a great music and crafts project for children to do with their parents. Not only will you have fun making the drums, but your child will also be able to play them for hours on end (without making too much noise 😉)



1. Scissors

2. 1" width Masking Tape

Assembly Materials

1. Balloons

2. Tube-Shaped Items (Get Creative!!)

    a. Pringles Can

    b. Empty Soup Can

    c. Used Packing Tape Roll

3. Tissue Paper

4. Chopstick or Craft Stick

5. (2) Bottle Caps



Step 1: Cut the balloon as shown below

Step 2: Stretch the balloon over one end of your tube

Step 3: Use tape to hold the balloon onto the tube

Step 4: Use paper or ribbon to decorate the outside of the drum!


Step 1: Rip or cut tissue paper into a 5” by 8” size
Step 2: Ball the tissue paper up around one end of the chopstick. The ball should be about the size of a bottle cap. 

Step 3: Tape the tissue paper to the chopstick and cover the tissue paper completely with tape

Step 4: Place the bottle caps on either side of the ball

Step 5: Tape the bottle caps together and then extend the tape to the stick

Step 6: Decorate the mallet with stickers or designs!

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