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Ethos Learning Center

EchoKids Case Study


Ethos is an early learning center serving the South Boston area. As part of their mission, Ethos encourages children as individuals to explore, investigate and manipulate objects and ideas, under the supportive guidance of highly qualified teachers. 


To supplement their in-house expertise, Ethos was looking for a partner with a similar mission to provide music classes for Ethos students.


Ethos engaged EchoKids to provide weekly music services based on EchoKids’ track record of music lessons in the Boston community taught by Berklee College of Music-trained students.

The Music Classes

EchoKids provides weekly music classes for children at Ethos. The lessons are separated into two groups: infants (ages 1.5 and younger) and toddlers (ages 1.5 - 3). 


In each lesson, EchoKids has three goals:

  • To provide meaningful and educational entertainment

  • To use music as a vehicle to build confidence, creativity, and communication skills in children

  • To instill an understanding of music fundamentals that children can build upon throughout their lives

Lesson curriculum typically includes the following:

  • “Show and Tell” with a new instrument every 2 weeks. 

  • Pitch identification skills 

    • Kids are able to sing their Do-Re-Mis on pitch after 3 months

  • Activities that develop rhythmic skills and social skills (group music games like passing rhythm sticks around on the beat)

  • Hands-on keyboard activities: Many children are intimidated by the keyboard at first - either not playing at all or only one finger very short. After a month (4 classes), most children will begin to play with both hands. They are not playing anything particular but each child gets 10-15 seconds to play whatever they want on the piano while the other students watch.

    • This develops discipline (waiting) 

    • This teaches respect for instruments. None of the toddlers bang on the keyboard

    • This builds confidence through “performing” for the rest of the class 

  • Children play with different rhythmic instruments like tambourines, shakers, bells and maracas to participate in music-making, even if they’re infants. 

    • Children can also use scarves to visually experience music. 

  • Repeat and play different traditional and non-traditional songs. Kids often go home and sing them with their families.


After 2 months of weekly lessons, children are excited to go to music class every week! All children are now comfortable creating music with basic instruments and can sing along to songs on pitch. 

“I highly recommend EchoKids' mentors as they're very talented and passionate musicians! The children and staff at Ethos Early Learning Center look forward to their weekly classes with great enthusiasm!”
- Aedeen T. 

Director, Ethos

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