Hallam George

Age: 18

Languages Spoken: English

School: Berklee College of Music

Instrument: Guitar,  Piano

I have been playing music since I started taking piano lessons in the third grade. From there I continued to play piano and picked up the guitar in the fifth grade—shortly thereafter I started singing to accompany myself. In middle school I played the clarinet and then  switched to the saxophone, which I played throughout high school as well.

I taught guitar lessons before coming to college to a young age group - 5 years - and am excited for the opportunity to connect with and excite these young kids at such a formative age, and the potential that that holds. I have a strong grasp of the fundamental principles of music, but also understand that these can be very daunting for people of all ages and am excited to distill them into formats that are not only palatable for the kids but actually exciting and fun!

Alongside instilling important musical fundamentals I want students to be excited about playing music, because that is hands-down the most important part of the whole thing! I am excited to make these kids excited about music, and to help them learn through what makes them the most excited.

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