Justin Goren

Age: 23

Languages Spoken: English

School: Berklee College of Music '18

Instrument: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

Justin Goren is a Berklee alumnae with a strong passion to share his music with the world - including children. With many talents and an engaging personality, he is very popular amongst younger ages. He is able to adapt to any situation, making sure each child feels comfortable enough to try something new like picking up a guitar at the age of 6 months. With his positive and inviting demeanor, learning is playing. 

Having been with EchoKids from the start, Justin has voiced many of his opinions and thoughts to promote affordable lessons across Boston. He has volunteered to lead and assist many local library events as well as our bilingual group lessons found here

Justin has been involved with music all his life, self teaching many instruments from a young age in his music room at home, including a grand piano, over 5 guitars, and unique instruments from around the world. With much love for music, he naturally became a singer songwriter with few songs released across YouTube, Berklee shows, and more. His never ending love for music and desire to continue learning and playing brings him to his current occupation as a video game music director. Exploring digital music brings infinite possibilities and original sounds, one he hopes to share with the world as well.

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177 Huntington Avenue

BOSTON, MA 02115