Laura Agudelo Cuartas 

Age: 20

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

School: Berklee College of Music

Instrument: Clarinet

It is part of life to give back from what we have received and this is where my education philosophy derives from. I want to give back to society and teach more my students how to color the world through music.


I’ve been playing clarinet since I was 12 years old and since then I’ve had the opportunity of playing in multiple well-recognized theaters of my city (Medellin) and also had the pleasure of touring around Europe with the Symphonic band of Medellin (Colombia). I am currently a Jazz composition and CWP (Contemporary Writing and Production) major at Berklee College of Music and from the time I entered Berklee I have participated on multiple recording sessions, played at different venues including the Berklee Performance Center with Symphonic Winds ensemble and at the Boston Symphony Hall with the Berklee Contemporary Orchestra.


Giving the fact that I am a Jazz Composition major I have been very exposed to the discovery of all the different colors that music can have and I want to give my students the chance of experiencing those colors through the clarinet by themselves. I want to guide my students through this musical path because music is a powerful force that makes us grow not only intellectually but also as human beings.

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177 Huntington Avenue

BOSTON, MA 02115