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MOMS Club of South Boston

EchoKids Case Study


MOMS Club of South Boston is a support and community group for mothers in South Boston. They are a local chapter of MOMS Club, an international organization with over 2,000 different in 7 different countries. 


Part of MOMS Club’s mission is to provide enriching educational and fun activities to mothers and their children. Due to EchoKids’ reputation with parents in the area and experience with large group activities, MOMS Club engaged EchoKids to provide group music lessons to their members twice a month at their local Boston Public Library branch.

The Music Classes

Twice a month, EchoKids joins MOMS Club to host group music lessons at the South Boston branch of the Boston Public Library. The lessons are run by two EchoKids mentors (music teachers), with one on stage and one in the audience.

With a regular audience of 140 to 160 people, the emphasis is on providing easy to follow musical activities that engage children of all ages for the full 45-minute class. Most of the children in the audience are between the ages of 0-4, accompanied by their parents, guardians, or babysitters. 


To initially engage the large audience, EchoKids hands out shakers and scarves to the children. Even pre-vocal children innately understand the rhythm of music and can participate in simplistic ways, such as waving a scarf along with the beat of a song, assisted by their parent.


Various activities include sing-alongs and shake-alongs to children’s songs (including classics, modern hits like “Moana”, and original EchoKids songs), rhythmic clapping and shaking activities, instrument showcases, and even multi-lingual performances and activities! Some of the songs that we perform are written by EchoKids mentors and students! Having children play and sing along to unfamiliar songs improves their creativity and ability to respond to new triggers.

EchoKids lessons are not just about developing musical skills but also about developing foundational skills -- specifically creativity, confidence, and communication skills. To this end, we encourage participation in activities, take away and give back instruments (teaching discipline and respect for other people’s belongings), and foster interaction between children in the class.


Most importantly, we want children to develop these skills while having fun. As every parent knows, children are most engaged and receptive to learning when they are experiencing joy. All of our activities are developed with the intent to combine meaningful educational activities with sincerely joyful experiences.


MOMS Club and EchoKids have maintained the twice per month group lessons, regularly attracting 140-160 members and children per week. In addition to the lessons, EchoKids has provided custom DIY at-home activities for MOMS Club members, providing further value to the organization’s members.

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