Music For All

All of our mentors are required to mentor at least one individual for a free 30 minute lesson every month. 

Although, most of our mentors have offered to volunteer more time than 1 lesson a month. 

Music for All brings an opportunity for any soul, interested in music. 

Music is beyond hobby or words - it's an experience meant to be performed with others to share with the world. 

Through this program, we hope to open doors for more people who in return could open doors for others. 

Individuals involved in this program may be:

- Elderly in homes

- Children of low income families

- College students wanting to learn an instrument 

- Mentors' family members 

- Online lessons under EchoKids 

If you are interested in taking any part of this program, please email us at: 

  • EchoKids Instagram
  • EchoKids Facebook



177 Huntington Avenue

BOSTON, MA 02115