Nicole Dobberpuhl

Age: 19

Languages Spoken: English, intermediate Spanish

School: Berklee College of Music

Instrument: Flute, Piano and Voice

Nicole is a sophomore vocalist at Berklee, majoring in Songwriting and minoring in Musical Theater Performance and Musical Theater Writing. She currently teaches piano at Echo Kids, but is looking forward to teaching voice and flute as well. She is a classically trained singer, who has taken voice lessons for the past nine years. In addition to private lessons, she was in choruses at school for nine years, singing classical, jazz, and pop music. In high school, she qualified for the Senior Central District chorus four years in a row, as well as qualifying for the All-State chorus once. Her favorite genre to sing is musical theater, and she enjoys being a part of several shows and musical theater classes.


In addition to singing, Nicole has been playing piano for the past 13 years, as well as playing both concert and jazz flute for the past 10 years. She took piano lessons with Berklee alum Derek Pizano for six years. Though these lessons taught her valuable technical skills and a strong work ethic, she did not feel connected to the music she was learning, so she decided to pursue other musical interests. As a mentor, one of her biggest goals is to encourage genuine enjoyment and investment in the lesson content, so that her students are eager to continue learning. Music is primarily about self expression and creativity, and she wants to make sure her students learn to play in a way that is fun and fulfilling. 


Nicole loves working with children as an educator and mentor. From junior year of high school until graduation, she worked as a peer tutor at her school’s writing center and through her school’s Spanish Honor Society. She also had the opportunity to mentor flute students at the elementary school in her town for two months. In addition, she has been working as a character performer and helper for birthday parties and events since last spring. Through this job, she has learned how to engage children, while being a responsible leader. She is excited to continue sharing her love of music with her students and providing them with a strong foundation that will make them skillful and successful musicians.

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