Peter Park

Age: 20

Languages Spoken: English and Korean

School: Berklee College of Music

Instrument: Piano, Viola

Hailing from 12 years of classical music and piano performance training, 10 years of viola training, and more than 10 years of orchestral and stage experience in the LA, NYC, Boston, and Seoul (South Korea) area, Peter has had various experiences in the forms of mentoring, teaching, playing, producing, and enjoying music. 

Peter has been teaching for the past 10 years in various areas, including English, math, music production and technique, piano, and even coffee certification training. His students include K-12 and adults as well. Some students have gone on to win competitions and to be accepted into academically-acclaimed private schools.

"I can say for certain that teaching is a comfortable and confident expertise for me. Coming from a classically-trained background, I went through various teacher/mentor-student experiences, ranging from classroom to 1-on-1 settings. There was always a cold and stiff air about a space when it is time to "learn" music. I've always wanted to provide a comfortable and joyful environment for kids. A smile and a jump for joy, or just bouncing your head, or tapping your feet. If I can draw something out from my student, it gives me all the joy in the world."

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