A Reflection on EchoTogether 2018

In 2018, EchoKids launched our first group lesson program, EchoTogether! After seeing so much success with our one-on-one private lessons, we were excited to experiment with a group lesson and get children interacting with each other through music!

Our first semester of EchoTogether had 12 students; most of them under 5 years old and strangers to each other. Through musical activities like sing-alongs, playing with different instruments, and learning from musical mentors, the students became a tight-knit group and were excited to join us every week!

One of the highlights of our first semester was our opening song. To kick off each lesson, all of the students would participate in singing an original song composed by EchoKids mentors. The song incorporated the classic “Do-Re-Mi” pitch syllables in a novel and engaging way for kids! All of the kids were able to remember the song after the first day of lessons and parents told us that kids would keep singing the song at home.

For our first semester of EchoTogether, we partnered with CoKoWork, a parent coworking organization that serves the Japanese community in Boston. Many of the families that signed up for EchoTogether had Japanese backgrounds and were looking to give their children experience with Japanese culture. To accommodate this, we introduced the students to traditional Japanese songs and stories. They all loved it!

The first EchoTogether semester of 2019 starts on January 13th. If you missed the sign up date, but would still like to join us for a group lesson, you can sign up to be notified about the next semester below.

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