EchoKids Founder Profiled in Boston Voyager

Shizuno Furuya, EchoKids Founder

EchoKids Founder Shizuno Furuya was profiled in the Boston Voyager magazine this month! In her interview, Shizuno describes how she approaches music education education like a language.

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"I changed private music lessons from an expensive, boring and soul-sucking theory and technical based classes, to colorful, exciting, and affordable lessons kids would want to come to. I explored with colored markers, stickers, and songs they knew all ready to play, to keep them engaged. My theory was that if I could adapt to their language and help them understand that I know what they want, they would want to learn what I have to say – kids are curious beings! When we talk to babies, we use “baby language” and change our tone of voice to let them know we are talking to them, and they soon realize and begin to recognize certain sounds and words – eventually talking. Why wouldn’t we do that with music? Music is a language they’re unfamiliar with. Traditional lessons have basically been teachers speaking and reading Shakespeare to kids who couldn’t read or write the alphabet. Of course, that would bore them as they lose engagement. Once they’re bored, we’ve lost the battle."
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