EchoTogether Summer 2019 Music Classes

This week, EchoKids wrapped up another season of our EchoTogether group music lessons for children and families in Boston metro area.

EchoTogether is a 5-week group music class for infants (0-1 years old) and toddlers (2-4 years old) held in the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA. 3 EchoKids mentors (teachers) lead the class in music games, musical exploration, arts and crafts, and educational activities that support communication, creativity, and confidence!

Infant Music Class

Infants have been remarkably receptive to music education. Infants learn rhythm like a language, copying what their parents and EchoKids mentors do and making connections between movements and the music. We also provide infants with rhythm instruments like castanets, shakers, and maracas to allow them to participate and get the experience of using an instrument.

Our classes also encourage growth through name games to help them remember their names and their parents' names.

For parents, the infant class allows socializing with other new parents and provides a safe space for infants to interact with other infants.

Toddler Music Class

Here, children play much more in depth with music education. Some of our toddler activities include:

  • Experience new instruments each week: keyboard, violin, viola, guitar, cajon drum, ukulele, tambourine, and more

  • Perform with rhythm instruments: castanets, shakers, maracas, sticks

  • Play and sing with music and visuals using scarves and parachutes

  • Develop relative pitch (hearing and quantifying the difference between two or more notes)

  • Performance by mentors to showcase the possibility of what can be done with music

  • Story time with children's books relating to a class theme

  • Arts and crafts hour to stimulate kids to draw and create freely based on the class theme

These activities are designed to increase communication skills and confidence around other kids using music as a mechanism to create connections.

The Final Class

For the final class (week 5), we throw a big party for the students. This party includes activities that allow students to showcase what they have learned, solidify the new friendships they have made, and experience a sense of reward for having cultivated these new skills.

We are constantly impressed by the amount of information these young children are able to absorb during just a few weeks. Even if a child does not pursue music in the future, the fundamental skills of communication, creativity, and confidence serve them throughout their lives.

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