Is my child too young for music lessons?

When is the right time for a child to begin music lessons? The correct answer is simple: now.

Studies have shown that there is a window of opportunity from birth to 9 years old for a child to develop a musical sensibility. During this period, learning music is not about nurturing the next Beethoven or Yo-yo Ma but about the countless benefits that a child receives as a part of music education.

Benefits of Music Education

We go deep into the benefits of childhood music education in this article. For very young children, music education can help a child learn to focus, retain information, become comfortable asking adults for assistance, and experience pursuing an interest. These are skills that impact a child far beyond music.

Kids learn discipline, gain confidence, and blossom their desire to want to learn. We specialize in teaching that promotes these characteristics. Our music teachers, or “mentors”, are taught motivational tactics that keep a child engaged and thus more receptive to the teaching that builds character, tailored to each child.

Music as a Language

In order for a child to experience the benefits of music education, the lessons must be fun and engaging. For particularly young children, this means teaching babies and toddlers music at a level that they understand.

We learn how to speak our first language when we're babies. Without much effort we start to learn how to speak because we're around people who speak (family and parents' friends, etc.). Babies naturally learn the language their surrounding is speaking, because they want to communicate with us. Parents sometimes even try to speak in their (baby's) language, getting on their level to tell them it's ok they don't understand yet; making the process of learning a language easier for them by adapting to their language. If babies were taught Shakespeare to learn English, there would be low success rates. It's boring and way too complicated.

At EchoKids, we apply this same approach to teaching music to babies and toddlers. Rather than starting with basic music theory (the standard music curriculum), we teach very young children to love the instrument, love music, and create a desire to want to learn how to play the instrument. This leads to joy and learning through exposure and positive reinforcement. We also have our mentors perform for the children so that they get to experience all levels of performance firsthand.

Accessible For All

We truly believe in the importance of music education at a young age. For this reason, we make our private lessons as accessible as possible. We offer a free 30-minute private trial lesson, affordable lesson packages (as low as $15 for a 30-minute lesson), and discounted purchases through our partners. Music should be available to all children, and it is our goal to facilitate that and make a challenging skill a joyful experience.

We are always accepting new students at EchoKids!

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