What is the EchoKids Patreon?

This Spring, as schools closed and in-person lessons halted, we started receiving a new request from parents and partner companies -- “Our children don’t have enough to do during the week, do you have any activities that they can do at home?

For a long time, EchoKids has been creating worksheets and activities that have been intended to supplement lessons and make “practicing” feel like playtime. However, this is the first time that we have seen such ongoing demand for at-home activities. We got our team together and started brainstorming.

Initially, we launched our weekly Instagram live streams (sign up to get notified here) and provided some DIY arts and crafts activities for parents to do with their children. While the response to these has been positive - and we continue to do the free Instagram live streams every week - we continued to hear a demand for more content and activities, with a lot of families even increasing their lesson frequency to two times per week.

Introducing...the EchoKids Patreon Membership

As a response to the requests we were getting, EchoKids launched a new Patreon subscription membership. Through Patreon, we offer weekly live streams, group Zoom lessons, DIY activities, worksheets, and even original songs written based on your child’s interest!

We offer three levels of membership, starting at only $5 per month!

The Echo Community membership ($5/month) includes:

  • A weekly Patreon-exclusive live stream video lesson (3x week: English, Spanish, and Japanese; and can be viewed any time after it airs)

  • Access to our private EchoKids Facebook Group

The Echo Plus membership ($9/month) includes:

  • Twice-a-month Private Zoom Group Lessons, which allow more interaction and personalization than the weekly live streams

  • Weekly Worksheet or Arts & Crafts Activity

  • Everything in the Echo Community Tier!

The Echo VIP membership ($15/month) includes:

  • Everything in the Echo Community and Echo Plus tiers

  • A custom 30-second song for your child based the subject of your choice (their favorite animals, foods, activities, etc)

  • Downloads of all videos for you to watch offline

If you’re ready to sign up, click here: https://www.patreon.com/echokids

How to Watch Patreon Content

All of the Patreon content is available in the Patreon app as long as you have an active membership. If you are an Echo VIP member, you will also receive video downloads, allowing you to save and watch the EchoKids videos at any time, even after your membership ends!

We understand that for many parents, there is simply not enough time to learn how to use a new app. For that reason, we created a private Facebook group that links directly to all of our new Patreon posts! You will also receive an email any time there is new content for you to watch.

Our goal is to make it as easy and fun(!) as possible for you and your child to make music throughout the week.

Have questions? Still want more?

Feel free to reach out to us at any time! You can email us at contact@echokidsmusic.com. If you are a parent that is already a part of our Slack community, simply send a slack message to @EchoKids!

Our full range of At-Home activities and lessons are available here: https://www.echokidsmusic.com/at-home

We are, of course, still offering remote private lessons for any student that is interested! You can fill out the form on this page to receive a FREE trial lesson: Sign up for a 30-minute trial lesson

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