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Parents FAQ

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Where can I contact my child’s mentor?

Through Slack. Contact your mentor through a private message using their username @.

Where can I contact EchoKids?

Through Slack. Contact us through a private message using our username @echokids Or via email, but Slack will have a faster response.

Mentor and Lessons

At what age can my child begin their lesson?

EchoKids offers private lessons for children from 2 - 12.

Will my child always have the same mentor?

Yes! The mentor who provided the EchoKids trial lesson will be your child’s mentor until the mentor resigns or any other circumstances where they could no longer mentor at EchoKids.

Can my child change mentors?

Yes, you can always contact EchoKids to change mentors although we encourage you to continue with the same mentor. It takes a while for children to open up so the longer they continue with the same mentor, the more comfortable they will become around them and will do better in their lessons!

What materials does my child need for lessons?

Original workbooks (5 levels per instrument) can be purchased for better lessons.

Does my child need their own instrument?

Unless it is a piano lesson, your child should always own or rent their own instruments to use in the lessons. Mentors will have their personal instruments but we strongly encourage this in order to feel comfortable and confident with it! We have partnerships with various companies for rentals so please email us for further questions!

How can I help my child practice?

The ideal amount of time to play on the instrument is 15 - 30 minutes a week, even if it’s just playing around and not practicing a particular song. Communication with your mentor is crucial, because your words of encouragement will improve your child’s growth!

What's the "Parent Group Lesson"?

Once a month, EchoKids hosts a group music lesson for all the parents in our community. The lesson will be 30 minutes long by either one of our founders and/or our top mentors. These group lessons are created to help parents learn music and help your child practice while meeting other parents who are part of EchoKids.

Should I be with my child in the lesson?

In person: We recommend that you do at least for the first 3 lessons since most kids are very shy at first and being alone with a mentor for 30 minutes can be overwhelming if they are under the age of 5.
Online: If the lesson is online, we recommend you stay in the room and watch over the first few lessons in case your child needs help during the lesson.


When do I schedule a lesson?

During the trial lesson, you could set a weekly date and time to start packaged lessons with your mentor. If you’re still unsure after the trial lesson, you can always message @EchoKids or your mentor on Slack to coordinate a weekly time!

How can I cancel a lesson?

To be considerate of your mentor’s time, please send a slack message at least 48 hours before. If the lesson is taking place within 48 hours from cancelation notice, you may be charged depending on your mentor's decision. Frequent sudden cancelations will result in the lesson to be charged.

What if I am late?

Please contact your mentor through slack ASAP! Mentors will wait up to 15 minutes after the lesson's starting time.

What if the mentor is late?

Please contact your mentor through slack. If they do not respond, contact EchoKids!


Where can I pay for lesson packages?

You can purchase EchoKids lesson packages using zelle or venmo (preferred), or on the website via PayPal. Please note that prices vary from online and at-home lessons. Zelle: Venmo: @EchoKids

When should I pay for lesson packages?

You can purchase new lesson packages before or after the end of the previous lesson package. You can also purchase multiple packages at a time. Please contact us for any more information.

Trial Lesson

How do I prepare for a trial lesson?

Please make sure there's enough space for your child and the instrument and that the environment is not noisy or distracting. Kids tend to also be very shy their first few lessons so please prepare them by giving them at least a 10-15 minute notice before the lesson!

Should I own the instrument before the trial lesson?

No, but we recommend you do so your child can follow along with the trial lesson. If you don't want to invest in owning an instrument, we have partnerships with various locations for rentals. Please email us at for further information.

How long are the trial lessons?

30 minutes

Should I be present in the trial lesson?

Absolutely! Please make sure you and your child(ren) click well with the mentor. Asking any questions you have is essential during this lesson so your mentor can get to know you and your child(ren) for better lessons in the future!

The trial lesson went great - now what do I do?

@EchoKids will follow up with you on Slack! If you'd like, you can go ahead and submit a payment for weekly lessons via Zelle or Venmo (preferred) or on our website through PayPal.

How much are the lessons?

Lesson pricings are listed here.

We didn't like the mentor - what should I do?

Please message us @EchoKids on Slack and we will connect you with another mentor! Please don't worry, this can happen and it's ok. Not everyone clicks with everyone, we're all different!

Where are the trial lessons?

It could be at one of our locations, your home, or online.

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