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What does it look like in an EchoKids private lesson? There's a lot more going on than just Do-Re-Mi's and learning the notes on the scale!


It's important to us that students don't view the lessons as work or a chore, but something that is fun that they can look forward to every week! That's why we pair students with collegiate students as mentors to bring a fresh and dynamic energy to lessons!


Watch the videos below to see for yourself what happens in an EchoKids private lesson.

“Finding EchoKids was a stroke of luck for us. It was easy to schedule, find a tutor who is great at what she does and is also extremely patient with a restless 5 year old. We highly recommend them to any parent who want their children to start on their musical journey.”

-Mother of 5 Year Old

“Even online EchoKids has been an engaging, creative, structured experience for my daughter. It seems like my daughter has progressed much more than even the in-person lessons.”

-Mother of 6 Year Old

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