Shizuno Furuya


Age: 24

Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, Spanish

School: Berklee College of Music 2018

Instrument: Piano

Hello there! Thank you for taking your time to visit my page. I started teaching children piano as young as 3 years old when I was 20, but because I have a sister that is 5 years younger than me, I have been teaching really, since she was born in 2001. I noticed my love for educating children when I started volunteering as a kindergarten teacher assistant at age 16, where I volunteered until I moved to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I truly love working with children because they inspire me with their energy and happiness they radiate to others without any thought.

I began taking private piano lessons when I was 3 and luckily met three wonderful teachers throughout my life, each guiding me in their own ways. I acquired relative pitch through my practice, while I was classically trained. I attended many summer camps throughout my school years to be exposed to playing in group environments at the Frost school of music in University of Miami, where I later volunteered as a camp counselor for 3 years. 


Having grown up as an Asian woman in a diverse city such as Miami, I faced obstacles as a minority, but was always surrounded by open-minded groups of people who welcomed me and accepted me for who I am. Attending a Sacred Heart School for 12 years, I was always reminded to be a courageous and confident woman. Throughout my school years, I realized that music affects each person differently; and when performed, it brings out the unique qualities in each of us that can be shared with many people at once. The power of music is infinite, and I strongly believe it is my duty to spread the art of learning an instrument. And so, I founded EchoKids so more kids could learn instruments, and I continue to teach piano to children!

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