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Growth Through Music

Our team of mentors and curriculum make music lessons so fun that kids don't feel like they're learning; because they're playing music!

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Growth Through Music: Confidence, Communication, Creativity

Grow the 3C's through music

Communication: Our students learn from welcoming mentors who open up to our students to encourage communication.

We showcase our students twice a year at recitals and kids showoff their skills at schools.

Our workbooks have pages to draw, and Platinum members get a custom produced song.


Why EchoKids?

We handle the hardest part: Finding the perfect mentor, forever

Why EchoKids

Best Music Mentors for Kids

Our mentors, teachers, are in or recently graduated from college and have many years of experience on the instrument. Band, private lessons, orchestra, everyone has different experiences and come from different backgrounds. That's what makes our mentors the best for kids!

Some have experience in teaching, but most don't - and that's who we want.
Open-minded, passion driven mentors.

Why? They come up with the best lesson activities and ways of teaching that fits for THAT student because there's no "routine" they're used to. Still, to ensure all our students have the same level of quality lessons, we continue to work on original workbooks with 5 Levels with tips for mentors on most of the pages.

We are...

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We grow kids and their 3C's through music: Communication, Confidence and Creativity skills

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Change scheduling and mentors with ease as your child grows or changes interest on instrument(s)

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Meet mentors around the world, with various experiences and specialties no matter what changes in your life

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EchoKids?

We're an innovative music education company for kids 0-18 years old mentored by college students. You can read more about us here!

Do you offer free a trial lesson?

Yes! It is 30 minutes and is used to find out if both the mentor and family are compatible. Sign up here for your first free lesson!

Do you have a curriculum?

Yes - our original workbooks encourage our students' growth of their 3C's (Communication, Confidence and Creativity skills) as they learn with engaging pages filled with colors and drawings! Did we mention the 1st book's on us, and it comes with stickers?

What kind of lessons do you offer?

We offer Bass, Cello, Clarinet, Drum Set, Flute, Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Violin, and Voice. View the full list and their mentors here.

Are there any age restrictions?

No - our focused age group is 0-18 years old, but we welcome all ages as long as the learning age is under 3 years on an instrument.

Is my child too young to start private lessons?

A child is never too young for private lessons because we believe music is a language. Children under 3 years old will receive a lesson similar to that of a group lesson.
"Our son enjoys piano lessons and has come a long way thanks to EchoKids. We highly recommend EchoKids to any parent interested in helping their child learn music and have fun in the process."​
"My son is now more confident than before. He has something that is his own. I feel very proud of him, and I feel happy that he has something that is meaningful to him."
“We can't go outside much during this difficult time so she practices more and loves the online piano lessons. We're so happy and proud of her progress!”
“Now that the kindergarten is closed and there is little interaction with friends and teachers, my son really enjoys his lesson and being able to communicate with his mentor.”
“My daughter loves her original EchoKids song so much we all listen to it driving, playing, and at least 50 times before putting her to bed. Seeing her so happy makes us all so happy, thank you so much for the beautiful song!”
“It was easy to schedule, find a tutor who is great at what she does and is also extremely patient with a restless 5 year old. We highly recommend them to any parents who want their children to start on their musical journey.”
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