What is EchoKids?

We mentor kids ages 0-18 music with focus on 3C's: Communication, Confidence and Creativity.

Our mentors are college students passionate in sharing their love for music, knowing its strong power to better children's lives. We strive to bring the most exciting and affordable music experience for children.

Our teaching method is simply based on the fact that if they *want* to play music, they will *want* to learn.

All our lessons are offered in-person and online.


Private lessons:

Stickers, colors, thinking outside the box, tailoring each class to each student is our method. At EchoKids, we adapt to their language and stimulate their desire to learn more, rather than beginning with technicalities such as note reading. We encourage our students to play and explore the instrument from the first lesson with our mentors. We are currently creating original workbooks filled with exciting worksheets with a different approach, promoting creativity. We also host recitals twice a year, showcasing our Echoes' hard work as young as 3 years old to support their confidence. Sign up here for your complimentary trial lesson.

Group lessons: 

We visit libraries, daycares, early learning centers and office space on weekends to connect families from various backgrounds with kids ages 0-7. Specialized in flexibility, our mentors are trained to create the lesson plan on the spot to accommodate and engage the families attending that day. With a minimum of 2 mentors per event, kids are encouraged to sing and dance along with us, rather than to sit and listen. We host these lessons regularly in Cambridge, South Boston and at Boston Public Library Branch of South Boston.

Lastly, we offer birthday party programs bringing 2 of our mentors to a birthday party for their favorite songs and instruments and visits to your daycare upon request.

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Our Mentors

Each mentor, college students, must first meet standard requirements (GPA 3.0+, high responsibility and leadership skills, volunteer/work experience, clear background check) to be interviewed. They then are interviewed to see if our purpose and mission aligns; lastly, if they exhibit positive energy, they are qualified and attend an orientation before connecting with a student.

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