What is EchoKids?

We are a MA nonprofit approaching children’s music education differently - connecting families with children ages 0-12 with Berklee College of Music students. With our qualified yet affordable mentors and our commitment to not just music education but academic and social improvement, students gain confidence through music education. From private lessons to public/private group events, we strive to bring the most exciting and affordable music experience for children.

Our teaching method is simply based on the fact that if they *want* to play music, they will *want* to learn.


Private lessons:

Stickers, colors, thinking outside the box is our method of mentoring the children who attend our lessons. At EchoKids, we adapt to their language and stimulate their desire to learn more, rather than starting off with the technicalities and note reading. We encourage our students to play and explore the instrument from the first lesson with our mentors. Each of our private lessons are tailored to provide each child their new skill, because we believe music is the most important tool in a child's development. We are creating original workbooks filled with exciting worksheets with a different approach, promoting creativity. We also host recitals twice a year, showcasing all our Echoes' hard work as young as 3 years old.

Group lessons: 

Every (other) Sundays at Cambridge Innovation Center, we host bilingual group music lessons for children ages 0-4. Introducing Japanese culture and traditional songs as well as American culture and traditional songs, we support an environment for families interested in finding the perfect fit for their child in both languages. And to support the parents, we are collaborated with Boston Japanese Tutors to bring english lessons while children learn and play music. These lessons are designed to give the children the confidence they need in their daily lives to make new friends and explore the world on their own.

More group events:

In addition to all the exciting events we host, we volunteer at local libraries including many different BPL branches to bring free 60 minute music lessons for families at least once a month. From crawling to jumping kids, our program is one sure to keep them engaged. 

Lastly, we offer birthday party programs bringing 2 of our mentors to a birthday party for their favorite songs and instruments and visits to your daycare upon request.

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Our Mentors

Each mentor, college students, must first meet standard requirements (GPA 3.0+, responsibility and leadership, volunteer/work experience, clear background check) to be interviewed. Those with clear passion to better the world by helping kids find themselves through music education, qualify and attend an orientation before connecting with a student.

Our mentors can be found in private and/or group lessons.

The EchoKids Curriculum

Music is a language that we believe is the most important tool in a child’s development. We prepare our students with 5 levels.

At EchoKids, you don't need to own the instrument to begin lessons. 

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