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EchoKids started as a final class project at Berklee College of Music from the vision to build a modern, music education company for kids. Our founder, Shizuno, had been teaching kids piano for some time and other Berklee students would often say they want to teach but didn't know how to start.

So Shizuno gave them tips, provided students for them and noticed there was a big gap between the supply and demand.

As she began creating worksheets for students and friends, EchoKids was born in 2020. It continues to evolve as the student and mentor number increase, dive into tech, and offer more instruments for lessons.


EchoKids is an innovative music education company for kids 0-18 years mentored by collegiate musicians. Our music curriculum focuses on the 3C’s: Communication, Confidence and Creativty.

Our mentors are college students passionate in sharing their love for music, knowing its strong power to better children’s lives. We strive to  bring the most exciting and affordable music experience for children.

Our teaching method is simply based on the fact that if they want to play music, they will want to learn.

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Growth Through Music: Confidence, Communication, Creativity

the 3c's:
our secret sauce

Communication: Our students learn from welcoming mentors who open up to our students to encourage communication.  

Confidence: We showcase our students twice a year at recitals and kids showoff their skills at schools.

Creativity: Our workbooks have pages to draw, and Platinum members get a custom produced song.

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More Than Music

Octopus Artist (Creativity)

We play to learn! We redefine music lessons by taking traditional ways of learning music theory and performance skills to elements like encouraging kids' interests through writing original music and building confidence through playing.

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More Than Education

Blue Parakeet (Communication)

We grow confidence, communication and creativity skills! We really listen to each student and parent to know what they want from the lessons. What style of music do you like? Do you want to take lessons to be a performer or to have a great skill?

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More Than Teachers

Tiger (Confidence)

We mentor our students and each other! We all, including EchoKids, are constantly learning something new. The newest trends, dances, songs, platforms - we're all always learning at EchoKids, not just our students.

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Our Amazing Team

& Dozens of Fantastic Mentors!
Shizuno Furuya (Founder)
Shizuno Furuya
CEO & Founder
Daria Park (Curriculum Director)
Daria Park
Curriculum Director
Bryce Harrisberger
Curriculum Designer
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“Every child should have access to music education. It's not about becoming the next Mozart - it's about growing through music.”
Shizuno Furuya, Founder