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Our Story

EchoKids started as a final class project at Berklee College of Music from the vision to build a modern, music education company for kids. Our founder, Shizuno, had been teaching kids piano for some time and other Berklee students would often say they want to teach but didn't know how to start.

So Shizuno gave them tips, provided students for them and noticed there was a big gap between the supply and demand. Did you know more than 80% of families want their kids to know how to play an instrument?

And so, EchoKids continues to evolve as the student and mentor number increase, dive into tech, and offer more instruments for lessons. Our goal is to provide the most exciting lessons for instrument, any genre, any background because it's not one size fits all but music is for all!

What we value

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Communication, Confidence and Creativity and is inspired by Montessori, Kodaly and Suzuki methods. Our mentors are college students passionate in sharing their love for music, knowing its strong power to better children’s lives. Our teaching method is simply based on the fact that if they want to play music, they will want to learn.

That's why our lessons are fun, engaging and full of materials without them even noticing how much they're actually learning - until their "a-ha" moments! We believe music is a universal language, and one that's so essential to start early for kids so they can become fluent in it, and use it to connect with others but also with themselves as they grow.

That's why we make sure our lessons are fun so that they want to play music, because if they do, then they will want to learn!

We are more than a music learning platform

Redefine music education

We redefine music education by combining traditional teaching methods in theory and performance skills and innovative methods in encouraging kids' interests to building confidence.

Every feedback matters

We really listen to each student and parent to know what they want from the lessons. What style of music do you like? Do you want to take lessons to be a performer or to have a great skill?

Keep growing team

We mentor our students and each other! We are constantly learning something new. The newest trends, dances, songs, platforms - we're all always learning at EchoKids, not just our students.

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Our Amazing Team

& Dozens of Fantastic Mentors!
Shizuno Furuya (Founder)
Shizuno Furuya
CEO & Founder
Daria Park (Curriculum Director)
Daria Park
Curriculum Director
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Bryce Harrisberger
Curriculum Designer
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