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A circle representing Echokids' emphasis on developing communication, creativity, and confidence  through music education

EchoKids is an innovative music education company for kids 0-18 years mentored by collegiate musicians. Our music curriculum focuses on the 3C's: Communication, Confidence and Creativity.

Our mentors are college students passionate in sharing their love for music, knowing its strong power to better children's lives. We strive to bring the most exciting and affordable music experience for children.

Our teaching method is simply based on the fact that if they *want* to play music, they will *want* to learn. All of our lessons are offered in-person and online.

More Than Music

Octopus Artist (Creativity)

We play to learn! We redefine music lessons by taking traditional ways of learning music theory and performance skills to elements like encouraging kids' interests through writing original music and building confidence through playing.

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More Than Education

Blue Parakeet (Communication)

We grow confidence, communication and creativity skills! We really listen to each student and parent to know what they want from the lessons. What style of music do you like? Do you want to take lessons to be a performer or to have a great skill?

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More Than Teachers

Tiger (Confidence)

We mentor our students and each other! We all, including EchoKids, are constantly learning something new. The newest trends, dances, songs, platforms - we're all always learning at EchoKids, not just our students.

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Our Amazing Team

& Dozens of Fantastic Mentors!

Shizuno Furuya (Founder)
CEO & Founder
Shizuno Furuya
Daria Park (Curriculum Director)
Curriculum Director
Daria Park
Curriculum Designer
Bryce Harrisberger
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“Imagine what the world would be like if we all spoke music; sharing our thoughts and experiences with music instead of hatred or force. That's why I started EchoKids.”
Shizuno Furuya