All of our mentors go through a selective hiring process in which their past work experiences, musical proficiency, and ability to productively interact with children are assessed.

All of our mentors go through a selective on-boarding process in which they are assessed at their interview. We evaluate their experience, reasoning for joining EchoKids and are required to have these 7 qualities:

High Communication Skills

  1. Meeting someone new can be daunting for most people - especially kids. That's why our mentors need to be able to smile and keep a conversation exciting without feeling uncomfortable because they genuinely love kids and music!


  1. Punctuality and consistency is important for quality improvements in lessons. That's why if a mentor does not show up to an interview without notice, we disqualify their position as an EchoKids mentor.


  1. Professionalism can be a vague word but we believe it represents a specific kind of person: someone who is proud of their work, constantly improving and trying new things as they gain new skill.


  1. Love for children, education and music are the 3 main passions we look for in all our mentors. Whether they have one year of experience working with children or ten, we will always strongly consider a passionate person over those with no passion but with abundant experience.

Background Check/Work Eligibility

  1. We run a background check on all our mentors in addition to making sure they are eligible to work in the United States. 

Experience on Instrument

  1. Our mentors are only able to teach a specific instrument if they have more than 4+ years of experience on that instrument with at least 2 years of formal lessons.


  1. Sometimes lessons can be difficult - working on rhythm, ear training, holding the instrument correctly, reading notes, etc. That's why our mentors need to be someone who can make that hurdle seem like a bump, not a mountain and encourage the student, not discourage the student with a positive personality.

With these 7 requirements, we have curated an amazing team of young, passionate, and talented mentors. Some of our mentors are in based in Boston, Los Angeles, NYC, Miami but we have mentors all around the country; that's why we strongly encourage online private lessons because the pool of mentors grow signfiicantly for you to choose from instead of just the mentors in your city.

For group lesson mentors, in addition to the 7 requirements listed above, we require them to have at least 3 training sessions and be able to perform live in front of kids, teachers and families in various group lesson settings.

Try out our super fun and qualified mentors today! Find an instrument here and start with a trial lesson.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Click here to read more about the application process!

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