DIY Drum Set

This DIY drum set gets your child making music without an expensive (or loud!) instrument. Plus, it's a fun craft activity to make!



  1. Scissors
  2. 1” width Masking Tape

Assembly Materials

  1. Balloon
  2. Tube-shaped item
    - Pringles Can
    - Cut Water Bottle
    - Used Packing Tape Roll
  3. Tissue Paper
  4. Chopstick or craft stick
  5. (2) Bottle Caps


Use the video below for help with step 1 of the Drum and the Mallet building!


Step 1: Cut the balloon along the lines shown in the video
Step 2:
Stretch the balloon over your tube
Step 3:
Use tape to hold the balloon onto the tube
Step 4:
Use paper or ribbon to decorate the outside of the drum


Step 1: Rip or cut tissue paper into a 5” by 11” size
Step 2:
Ball the tissue paper up around one end of the chopstick. The ball should be about 1” in diameter. 
Step 3:
Tape the tissue paper to the chopstick and cover the tissue paper completely with tape
Step 4:
Place the bottle caps on either side of the ball
Step 5:
Tape the bottle caps together and then extend the tape to the stick
Step 6:
Decorate the mallet with stickers or designs!

Now you have your own mini drum set! Create more drums by using different tube-shaped items. Bigger tubes will make lower-pitched sounds. Smaller tubes will make higher-pitched sounds.

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