Making original songs at EchoKids is a priority as we believe it is a great way to get our students to learn. We have several original songs that are all available on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, making our music accessible at all times.

Our original songs cover the fundamentals of music and by using them as a tool for music education, EchoKids students can expand their knowledge within a fully creative and encouraging environment. In response to all of the music being composed at EchoKids, we created a music production team of Berklee College of Music graduates and began releasing educational children’s music that anyone can have access to (in English, Japanese, and Spanish).

So why did we decide to start EchoKids?

As previous music students, we believe music is the best way to learn and want to share all we’ve learned throughout our years as students with others. We found that making our own music here at EchoKids would be the most effective way to promote growth and music education in children as our songs are specifically formulated to achieve this. 

At EchoKids, we use our songs during group lessons since we incorporate music theory elements such as solfège, rhythm, and exposure to different instruments. We even have voice curriculum supplements that include backing tracks to be used during private lessons, vocal warm-ups and karaoke versions of songs for performances and practices. 

Our original songs are available on most streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Youtube, making them accessible not only for teachers during lessons but for parents in any situation. 

Our Song List


“Hello!” is the song we use as an icebreaker for our group lessons. This song encourages everyone to sing together, helping young musicians learn to sing and recognize the solfege. It’s short, catchy, and available in three languages (English, Japanese, and Spanish)!

 Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music 


“Goodbye” is a song in which one can hear the combination of several different instruments. “Goodbye” is one of our most popular songs due to the fact that it’s not only loved by kids, but also by parents and teachers. Also available in three languages, this song will definitely calm you during a busy day.

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music 

Rhythms of Nature

“Rhythms of Nature” allows students to learn the fundamentals of musical rhythms by combining music with different elements of nature. This song is a great tool for music education as there is use of onomatopoeias and promotes students to dance, allowing them to understand basic rhythms. Some sounds included in this song are” a beating heart, wind, and bees buzzing. 

Spotify | Apple music | YouTube | Amazon Music 

Crazy Night (and other student original songs)

“Crazy Night” was written by a 4-year-old EchoKids piano student alongside their mentor. With the help of an EchoKids mentor, our young student composed a danceable song filled with whimsical imagery. Original songs are a great way for mentors and students to bond, boost confidence, and students to express themselves. 

Besides “Crazy Night”, we have three other original songs written by students:

  • Bugs, Pretty and William’s Cars

 Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music 

My Song Album

EchoKids recognizes that all children are special and unique. This is why we have started to write and produce songs about our students in their primary language whether it’s English, Japanese, or Spanish. We create these songs after getting some information from parents such as the child’s favorite colors, phrases, animals, and more. A customized song is a gift from EchoKids to your child - available for all our platinum members.

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music 

Land, Water, and Sky

Our most popular release has been “Land, Water, and Sky”. This song is filled with different sounds of transportation on land, in water, and in the sky. This piece is used in group lessons to teach students call and response, pauses, repetition and hand actions. Click here to watch our music video!

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music 

Voice Curriculum Supplement Albums

Backing Tracks Album

  • This album includes 21 instrumental pieces we produced for private lessons specifically tailored for our voice students to practice. Within the album there are both original and traditional pieces, making it a great way to introduce melody and harmony to children. 

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music 

Audio Supplement 1 & 2

  • Each album contains vocal warm-ups to be used for practicing both during and after lessons. It explains the warm-ups in Track 1. The next track contains the warm-up with a keyboard so students can practice without an instrument. 

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music 

Karaoke Album

  • ‍ In the karaoke album there are 15 original pieces which can be used in our voice lessons, for fun at home, and to encourage kids to make up their own words to the songs they recognize!

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Amazon Music

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