Practicing Mindfulness with Music

All of our mentors go through a selective hiring process in which their past work experiences, musical proficiency, and ability to productively interact with children are assessed.

As technology continues to grow in our daily lives and becomes a tool in children's growth, being mindful of children's overall mental health and well being has become so important. It is especially more important now, in 2022, to center their mind and body amidst a constantly changing and polarizing world. At EchoKids, we believe music is one of the best ways in which children can practice mindfulness and here are some of the ways we support mindfulness through music:

Private Lessons

Adults make rules and decisions for children to follow all day, oftentimes leaving them feeling like they have little to no control over their lives. That's why private lessons help children feel in control because they know the lesson routine, are able to practice, feel their musical growth, and lastly, they are rewarded for their hard work in the form of recitals or praise and recognition at home. It's something they have control of.

Not only that, with private lessons, children can channel their full attention to their instrument. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes a week, private lessons help children build the tools necessary to both develop confidence and productively channel their emotions when they are under stress. Some adults read books, take lessons, yoga, workout, etc. for this same feeling. Attending weekly music lessons is both an effective and creative outlet for children to center their minds and obtain an element of control in their lives. 

Music Meditation

Simply put, Music Meditation is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment while being immersed in music. It might be what you are feeling, hearing, or anything else your senses pick up. Children can practice music mediation with the help of calming music that has no words, no constant rhythm or even any instruments. It could be as simple as sounds of nature, 1 instrument, or just a few instruments.  

Attached below are 2 compilations of music composed by award winning composer, Yuval Ron alongside Joyce Oh, a former EchoKids mentor. These 2 albums were curated specifically to help both children and adults practice mindfulness and we strongly recommend checking them out!


Kids Sanctuary: Healing Music for Your Child and Your Inner Child

Kids Sanctuary: Mindfulness Practices with Healing Soundscapes

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